Senin, 07 September 2015

pros and cons of colored contact lenses

pros and cons of colored contact lenses Charm advise you not to buy contact lenses online because you can not check for themselves the condition of contact lenses you want to buy. Should follow the advice Dian Leila Sari Amd RO, S. Pd, M. Kes (Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Refraksionis optical dispensers) the following:
1. Go to a licensed establishment optical optics. Each optical registered in the Ministry of Health certainly has a Registration Certificate (STR).
2. Optical which has STR certainly have at least one person refraksionis optical dispensers that have a Work Permit (SIK). Refraksionis optical dispensers are health workers who have passed education under the laws in force are authorized to conduct basic eye examination, refractive examination, establish the results of the examination, prepare and make contact lenses, including training ortooptik.
3. Refraksionis this optical dispensers that will examine your eyes and determine the contact lens suitable and safe for you.
4. Follow the way of maintenance, cleaning, disinfection described by refraksionis optical dispensers that handle you.
5. Do not share contact lenses with others and should not be used during sleep (overnight use).
6. When the red eyes, irritation, swelling, runny, pain, and there is a sense block, immediately off contact lenses and consult with an ophthalmologist.

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