Jumat, 13 November 2015

kroger weekly ad for zone 30076

kroger weekly ad for zone 30076 I simply love taking as much time as is needed, strolling down every path and see some new stuff, new bundling in each rack and in each corner. Furthermore, I get a kick out of the chance to perceive how they orchestrate their stuff as indicated by brands, sorts, cost, etc..etc..

Goodness, and if there's a few freebies or attempting session.. I will be the first individual who wouldn't miss the chance to experiment with their stuff! It's similar to I will stop at every stall to attempt or taste their items.. konon-konon macam nak beli la.. haha (I know! Miss Penyibuk!) =P

In any case.. a week ago my father gave me some monay to purchase asrama and school stuff (Thank You daddie!). So me and my two BFF went to Tesco Ampang to purchase our stuff..

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