Senin, 27 Oktober 2014

acne honey mask homemade

acne honey mask homemade Simply smear honey on the face and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water and then rinse again with cold water is certainly a natural mask for the face that is easy and inexpensive, but can provide excellent benefits in maintaining facial beauty pal pal even able to avoid the face of various problems such as pimples, blackheads and black spots.

How to care for your face with honey next is to use honey as a natural scrub that is applied to the face. Remove the dirt on the face, especially the dirt that has been closing the pores must be difficult to clean. Usually dirt that has closed pores can not be lifted by washing your face with water alone buddy. Honey mixed with almond flour can be used as a natural scrub for the face that is able to remove impurities and dead skin cells that accumulate and settle on my friend's face.

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