Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

benefits of organic lemon tea

benefits of organic lemon tea In addition to relatively effective in preventing the flu, lemon juice combined with warm water can also help reduce digestive problems such as heartburn and nausea that often affect pregnant women. By consuming lemon warm, pregnant belly assisted in removing dirt more effectively and efficiently. Fruit is often used as a garnish on a drink and some food items is also able to act as a blood purifier. Not only that, the lemon is also effective to cure constipation. So, for those of you expecting mothers, do not hesitate to give the intake of warm lemon to keep the immune system, yes!

Lemon commonly known as complementary materials when making healthy beverage processing. Benefits of lemon for diet and maintaining healthy skin can be obtained easily by making delicious iced juice and delicious. Various phytochemical content in yellow fruit will be more easily absorbed by the body in the form of a variety of lemon juice. Moreover, it seems that the acid will be reduced. Certainly more delicious than eating it directly.

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