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Jual Cream Muka Penghilang Flek Hitam Online

Jual Cream Muka Penghilang Flek Hitam Online Acne not only causes a problem when he meets the facial skin area , but also after it has gone . Acne can leave stains that interfere .

According to beauty expert Nikos Narkissos , no matter how many creams and acne medications you are taking , if the root of the problem is not resolved then the acne will continue to reappear .

Here are some suggestions that he gave to get rid of acne scars blemishes on the face .

Use targeted therapy
The best way to prevent acne acne scars is currently in the process of healing . Choose the right drug that is targeted at the area of ​​acne . Products containing AHAs and glycolic acid and vitamin C is very effective for reducing the formation of scar tissue in the scar .

Avoid squeeze
Although it does not wait to get rid of acne , but avoid squeezing pimples . Let deflated with the help acne medication acne . The habit of touching acne , let alone squeeze will only aggravate the condition and make acne scars become pockmarked .

Protect from the sun
Exposure to ultraviolet light on acne scars can make the area into a darker and more clearly visible .

overcome hyperpigmentation
Use a product that is intended to address the causes of hyperpigmentation uneven skin tone . These products usually are skin lightening products .

Do not use excessive scrub
Scarring occurs when you use a scrub too often . Coarse grain used to get rid of blackheads and pimples will only irritate the cause scarring .

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