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cara menurunkan kolesterol dan asam urat secara alami

cara menurunkan kolesterol dan asam urat secara alami How to lower cholesterol with diet can help you to avoid a wide variety of diseases such as heart attack , stroke and other cardiovascular diseases . Because some of these diseases are caused by high levels of cholesterol in the body .

To be able to treat a variety of diseases caused by cholesterol can indeed use drugs made ​​from chemicals . However, the side effects we can not avoid , and sometimes can lead to other health problems .

One alternative that is safe and healthy for lowering cholesterol is the diet . Lowering cholesterol with diet is the way to have good long -term effects to control cholesterol levels in your body .

Often we should hear about the dangers of cholesterol for health , but do you know what it is cholesterol ? How cholesterol is formed in the body ? Here is his review as quoted from .

sources cholesterol
It turns out that the two main sources of cholesterol in our bodies comes from our own bodies and the food we eat . We often consume animal products , whereas all animals can produce cholesterol naturally . Part of our body which often is the liver produces cholesterol to carry out certain functions in the body . From a study showed that 75 percent of the cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver and the other 25 percent comes from the food we eat .

Actually cholesterol produced by the liver function to perform certain functions . But if you consume foods with excess cholesterol levels it can cause heart disease .

Keeping balance cholesterol levels in the body
Cholesterol you consume when it encounters a highly saturated fat , it can be very dangerous . Because dietary intake of saturated fat and cholesterol may increase cholesterol levels in the body . So that your body gets the extra cholesterol buildup in the arteries that ultimately restricts normal blood flow , making the arteries clogged , and can lead to stroke .

Therefore it is very important to maintain the balance of cholesterol in the body by diet and live a healthy lifestyle .
How to lower cholesterol with diet
By changing your diet , can keep us in order to avoid heart disease . Following a healthy diet low in cholesterol that you can try .

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that are good and healthy food to your diet program . In addition , fruits and vegetables contain no fat and have a low calorie content . By eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis can lower cholesterol levels in the body .

Lean meat
Apparently there are some lean meat you can consume agra cholesterol levels in the body can be controlled include turkey , chicken and fish . But if you want to consume red meat , the cooking process should be done properly in order to reduce the levels of fat and cholesterol .

In grains are high energy and foods containing fiber . Among them are cereal grains and beans , brown bread , pasta and potatoes can help lower cholesterol levels . However , you should avoid white flour products and white flour because it has a high amount of carbs and by consuming foods such as these can increase the cholesterol in the body .

dairy products
Low-fat milk or skim milk products is the right choice for people with high cholesterol . But a lot of people with high cholesterol who are afraid to consume milk , whereas milk health benefits .

Oils and Fats
Saturated fats found in butter , margarine and oil is best avoided . Instead you can try eating oily fish 3-4 times a week in order to help lower cholesterol . In addition , you can also use olive oil for frying food or when cooking . Olive oil is one oil that is rich in monounsaturated fats and polyphenols that can help reduce the risk of blood clots .

A healthy diet low in calories is very good for your health . In addition to getting the ideal body , your body's health is also maintained . Diet is one way to lose weight is quite effective . Good luck with diet how to lower cholesterol above !

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